Whoop vs Apple Watch - What Is The Best At 2022 (2023)

Whoop vs Apple Watch: Which is the better choice? This is a question that comes up to many people who wish to monitor their fitness and health.

The answer is dependent on what you’re looking to find in apparel.

If you’re looking for something that monitors your heart rate as well as other health metrics, it is the whoop Strap 4.0 is probably an option to consider. It comes with more features than Apple Watch. Apple Watch when it comes to tracking your activities and health information.

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But, if you’re searching for something that does more than simply track your fitness levels, it’s possible that Apple Watch might be the better option. It is equipped with GPS capabilities and can be used to make calls, make messages, and connect to other applications.

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WHOOP Straps Review

Will Ahmed founded Whoop in 2015 and in 2015 launched a hi-tech fitness wearable that improves the overall health of users.

Ahmed, a Harvard graduate Ahmed created a new generation device that is based on advanced technology.

One of the first things you see about this gadget is that it doesn’t have buttons. You think it’s just another wrist strap that has fitness features.

Contrary to what you think this gadget is actually an advanced device that monitors your mental and physical health.

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The high-tech gadget comes with sensors that monitor your heartbeat’s electrical activity, electrodermal activity, as well as temperature.

Because of its versatility, you can put it on it during a workout, or even during office hours. It helps you get through the day and aids in recovering and sleeping.

While it could appear like any other fitness device but it’s not. It has a number of distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from other fitness watches.

What Does BMR Have to do With Wearables?

Let me inform you that BMR is a wearable that devices such as WHOOP 3.0 keep an eye on not just your “active” calories you consume in your gym but the calories you consume for keeping your heart pumping as well as your lungs breathing the brain’s activity and all the other things your body requires to remain alive. Wearables, as a result, are precise. In the case of fitness tracking and heart rate tracking, you’ll like your WHOOP data or data from any fitness tracker you choose to be as precise and complete as you can.

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One of the most simple (yet difficult to accept) facts regarding fitness and health is that if you wish to lose weight, then you must have a deficit in calories. This is an elaborate method of saying that losing weight is about burning more calories per day than what you consume. Wearables aid in doing just by giving you an exact, clear view of the number of calories you burn each day. They make it easy to know!

Accuracy is crucial for those looking for massive weight loss and those who are trying to rid themselves of fat that is stubborn. It could, in reality, be more crucial for those who are trying to lose stubborn fat.

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A mere 100-200 calories a day could mean the difference between getting rid of the stubborn belly fat that is covering your abs, and not seeing any results.

If you keep a check on how many calories are inside as well as out of your body, you will know precisely which foods, activities, and routines are contributing to your goals and which ones are keeping you from reaching your goals.

The bodies of everyone react differently to different stimuli. Certain people have more fat burning during prolonged, steady cardio exercises While others perform better when they do interval training.

When it comes to diet, certain people do better when they consume a high amount of protein and others burn more fat when they eat raw fruits and vegetables.

The great thing about BMR-tracking is that I am able to cross-check my exercise and diet routines using the instant feedback that I receive from the device, which means I am aware of the changes I have to change my lifestyle and get performance improvements from hard-earned evidence.

What Made you Decide to Purchase the WHOOP Strap 3.0?

As an avid high-performance athlete as well as a fitness business owner I spent a lot of time selecting the best fitness tracker. I knew that by capturing information on my training, eating, and sleeping, I could significantly improve my life, as well the lives of those I interact with. So I settled down and began to study. I was intrigued by the WHOOP Strap 3.0 piqued my interest due to a variety of reasons.

  1. Wear WHOOP all the time unlike other wearables, WHOOP is equipped with a rechargeable battery pack, meaning it’s not necessary to remove it.
  2. WHOOP tracks HRV WHOOP offers the top heart rate monitoring available on the market. It has been proven to be within 1 beat-per-minute accuracy when compared to an EKG. It not only monitors your normal heart rate and tally but also collects data and offers suggestions in response to Your HRV (HRV). Based on HRV this WHOOP tracker will tell you when it’s appropriate and when not to workout, how much you should work out, and if your body is in need of taking a break. There are very few if any other wearables offer these kinds of heart rate-based features. How many wearables can you think of that are smart enough to inform you of times you should not work out.
  3. WhoOP is designed specifically to assist you in improving your performance in your workout and your daily routines. Today, in this time, we are able to measure almost everything, but what is knowing the number of steps we’ve taken, or the average resting heart rates are if you don’t utilize that data to enhance our routines and improve the way you live? WHOOP will help you achieve just that.
  4. WHOOP Offers Excellent Sleep Tips: WHOOP understands that sleep is a crucial factor in general fitness. The device monitors your sleep patterns and offers amazing suggestions that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

In short, I was aware that WHOOP 3.0 was exactly what I needed to boost my performance to the next level.

What are the Features of the Whoop Straps

Created by experts, these straps are technologically advanced and capable of carrying out many tasks as described.

  • It is easy to set up and use
  • It is a user-friendly interface
  • It contains sweat-absorbing filaments
  • Connect to your device using Bluetooth
  • It comes with three LEDs that show the percentage of battery.
  • Sleep monitors
  • Offers a variety of activities that are personalized
  • The heart rate is measured and the function of the heart is
  • Offers monthly and weekly general health checks
  • The device comes with a companion application that helps you use the gadget.
  • It is easy to integrate with Strava.
  • The battery can last for more than five days following an hour of charge
  • Light and comfy

Does WHOOP work for Fitness Newcomers or for High-Performers Only?

One of the most exciting features of this application is that, with numerous layers of functions, there’s something that is useful to everyone, no matter the stage of their journey.

Athletes of the highest level love the incredible accuracy and precision readings that the device provides. Even if it helps them do one or two percent better, it could be the difference between winning or losing on the court, field or track, or in the cage.

People who are just beginning out however aren’t likely to be interested in the incredibly detailed readings initially however, seeing actual improvement in their lives daily is crucial to keep them motivated and in line with their goals.

I’ve had clients who haven’t been to the gym in a while and found that WHOOP keeps them in the loop and stays on top of their performance. For those who are just starting out getting a little more insight, it could be a major motivational factor.

In the end, WHOOP is as serious as you would like you to make it. Everyone can benefit from a stress tracker and recovery or sleep tool, however, you can go into the depths if you’d like.

I was pretty basic initially and stayed with the essential functions but I’ve learned many things about interface over time I’m unable to do without it.

Apple Watch Review

If you are a user of devices that are connected to the internet, you should be aware of Apple. In the field of gadgets, Apple is undoubtedly one of the most trustworthy firms around.

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Like other Apple products as with all their devices, the Apple watches are always up to date.

With this smartwatch, you’ll be in a position to call and make calls as well as send texts and browse the internet without a phone.

With its family-friendly setup, it is an excellent device for both aging and young alike. Plus you can create the setting to loop you with your family members even if they don’t possess an iPhone.

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Apple Watch Features

Each time a new series is released, Apple enhances its technology a notch. But, there are fundamental features that are common to all Apple series.

  • It also tells the time.
  • Receives and makes calls
  • Text messages are sent to you.
  • Supports Siri commands, such as alarms, reminders, and timers
  • Shows ticket and board pass
  • Tracks exercise activity
  • Monitors heart rate
  • Detects falls
  • Tracks exercises
  • Offers ECG reads (4,5,6 range only)
  • Monitors blood oxygen levels (Series 6-only)

Apple Watch Functionality

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In terms of wearables with fitness and health features The Apple watch is still leading the pack in terms of the amount of attention. However, this doesn’t mean it’s the top fitness device but for a few individuals, it is a good choice. A few of the Apple watches primary functions include:

  • Apple Watch Fitness tracker The fitness tracker on the Apple Watch measures both your passive and active fitness. One of the great things regarding this Apple Watch is the fact that it sends you reminders when it is time to get up to stretch, move, and walk around. This is particularly important for those who have a busy work schedule, as the majority of office workers let hours after hours pass by and never remember to take their eyes off of the television and be active.
  • Apple Watch Apple Watch can also help you to track your heart rate and can also help you count calories and “active” calories are burned during training. These measurements are vital because they will provide you with a base that you can use to evaluate your progress in physical fitness. Little, incremental changes you can analyze and save will create a huge difference over time!
  • It’s true that the Apple Watch has a pretty decent sleep tracker, which monitors the hours of sleep as well as various stages of sleep and deep sleep. However, it doesn’t have an advanced respiratory algorithm like the one that WHOOP 3.0 uses to track sleep. Therefore, when it comes to tracking sleep it’s the WHOOP fitness band that could be ahead of the pack.
  • Another benefit of an Apple watch is the fact that it seamlessly integrates with the iPhone. In contrast, for it, in the case of FitBit and WHOOP, both watches have excellent apps that work effectively with both Android and iOS. Its WHOOP app, for instance, is user-friendly and instructive with data about sleep quality as well as sleep performance and fitness tracker stress score, and much more.
  • The brand new Series 5 Apple Watch has an 18-hour battery lifespan however it’s not sufficient to last throughout the day or night, and you’ll need to remove the device to recharge.
  • In addition to its functionality In addition to its function, it is also stylish. Apple Watch is stylish and is available in two sizes: 38 millimeters and 42 millimeters. You can wear it out for dinner or when you’re working out. It’s also water-resistant – or, more accurately, water-resistant. That means you should not go swimming when you’ve got the garment on, however, a little bit of water will not cause serious harm.
  • Some of the downsides of the Apple Watch include its flawed and often inaccurate activity tracker, cumbersome design, and the fact that it does not currently check or measure for heart-rate-variability.
  • It is true that the Apple Watch does not have something similar to WHOOP’s strain coach function, which users can use to determine their level of intensity in the gym or during things such as CrossFit or any other type of workouts. It’s not a strain coach feature. Apple Watch Series 5, however, has a variety of excellent health apps that fitness lovers are bound to enjoy.

Whoop vs Apple Watch – What Are the Differences

Whoop Strap 4.0Apple Watch 6.0
ThumbWhoop vs Apple Watch - What Is The Best At 2022 (7)Whoop vs Apple Watch - What Is The Best At 2022 (8)
At a glanceSmaller, smarter, and designed with new biometric tracking, including skin temperature, blood oxygen, and moreMeasure your blood pressure. keep an eye on your heart. See your fitness metrics… Live a healthier, more active, more connected life
Strap MaterialSuperKnit bandStretchable silicone rubber
Heart Rate VariabilityYesYes
Resting Heart RateYesYes
Water ResistanceUp to 10 metersUp to 50 meters
Strain CoachYesNo
Recovery ScoreYesNo
Sleep ReportsYesYes
Blood Oxygen LeveYesYes
Connected GPSNoYes
Battery Life4-5 daysUp to 18 hours


The styles of these two watches can’t be more different. Apple Watch Series 7 Apple Watch Series 7 is identical to the earlier Apple Watch designs, with an attractive rectangular touchscreen that is the watch’s display.

The Whoop 4, on contrary, isn’t a wristwatch in any way. Instead, The Whoop 4 is the sensor that tracks all your information, and can then be put into the strap that you wear around your body. It has no user interface and all data is directly sent to the phone’s Whoop application and to the cloud.

Whoop vs Apple Watch - What Is The Best At 2022 (9)

In both watches, There is plenty of potential for personalization. For instance, with Apple Watch Series 7, for example, Apple Watch Series 7, you can pick from a vast variety of straps for your watch that comes in every type of color and material you could imagine.

Three different material choices for the watch itself:

  • Titanium (space silver and black)
  • Stainless steel (silver graphite, gold)
  • Aluminum (midnight stars, starlight blue, and red)

Alongside the Whoop 4 has come a new style strap to put it with. It’s made of SuperKnit that is made for comfort and wear throughout both day and night. You can also alter the colors of the clasp, hook as well as the Fast Link slider. You’re not restricted to the band around your wrist. Whoop is introducing Any Wear technology that allows it can be worn on any of their Whoop 4 could be worn with their brand new line of technical fitness clothes and even as the chest strap. If it’s connected to the garment it is able to detect the location it is worn by the person.


The biggest distinction between Whoop straps as well as Apple watches is their functions.

In general, whoop is more focused on more in-depth health information, and the Apple watch functions more as an application and communications device.

Whoop straps perform the following, whereas Apple watches can’t.

  • Everyday strain:

The band measures how much you put yourself through the day, which includes your exercise routine. On a 0-21 scale, it measures your fitness level and heart rate.

It provides you immediately with a personalized feedback system that informs the extent to which you’ve been in each workout during your exercise.

  • Rate of sleep

Whoop monitors the quality of sleep, how much sleep, that you experience each night, and then breaks down the time you were sleeping. After calculating your rate of sleep It offers sleep coaching which tells the amount of sleep you require each night.

This information is derived through the activities you do every day.

  • Recovery

Whoop analyzes your data about the stress of sleep, breathing, and heart rate and provides you with a customized recovery score based on 100 percent. The data helps you determine whether your body is able to handle certain tasks or if you require to take a break for the day.

  • Health questionnaire

Every morning, when you wake up and the whoop app asks you a few questions about the day before. For instance, what amount of water did consume?

Did you have a drink before getting to sleep? Did you eat something before going to bed, and the list goes on. Based on the answers you provide the app will assist you to make better decisions to boost your recovery.

It’s also a smartwatch. Apple Watch also has excellent features that it is not equipped to do.

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  • Receiving and making calls

By using the watch, it is possible to make and take calls, without having to use your phone.

  • Texting

Whoop vs Apple Watch - What Is The Best At 2022 (10)

Apple Watch Apple Watch gives you a notification each time you receive an SMS message. You can also read the text and then choose to respond. This feature is convenient to use even if your mobile device is not right next to you.

  • The Find Phone feature

If you’re among the millions of people who have lost their phones frequently This feature can be helpful for those you. You just need to press the “Find My Phone” button “Find your phone” button and then the phone will ring until you locate it.

  • Reminder and alarm

It’s not recommended to keep your phone close to your body when you sleep at night. The smartwatch is a safer alternative. It lets you schedule reminders and alarms according to your preferences. At the end of the night, all you have to do is need to tap the screen to display the time, text messages, and notifications.

  • Mobile application usage

You can control the Apple Watch via the display. In contrast, you can manage Whoop exclusively through the whoop application installed on your device. Apple Watch Apple Watch also has a mobile app, however, you can only use it to adjust settings and show.

Tracking Workout and Activity

Whoop vs Apple Watch - What Is The Best At 2022 (11)

Both wearables do an excellent job at recognizing and tracking various types of physical activities. For instance, the previous time I took a walk from the security zone at Atlanta airport up to Terminal F (a 20-minute walk) I noticed that my Apple Watch asked me if I’d like to track the distance I walked in an indoor setting. Additionally, it had recorded every step I’d made since I increased speed (right after I had gone through security).

In another instance, I did several laps in the pool at our former home. My Apple Watch recognized that I was swimming and began tracking the workout and keeping track of my laps.

WHOOP On its own was able to tell the manual work I was performing in the building of our chicken coop in 2021. In addition, WHOOP automatically recognizes many of my functional exercises (CrossFit) which last more than 15 minutes.

This is crucial for fitness bands and fitness devices to track and record exercises. The workouts need to last long enough and increase your heart rate over the threshold to be recognized. The exact threshold differs based on the gadget and the kind of workout you’re doing.

WHOOPApple Watch
Automatic workout detectionDetects all previously-logged workout typesRunning, walking, swimming, elliptical workouts, rowing.
Number of workout types8716
Workout detection threshold15 minutes and a minimum strain score of 8Varies depending on the type of workout
Fitness goal scoringMetabolic strainActive minutes
Active calorie trackingYesYes
Step countingNoYes
HR broadcastingYesNo
External HR monitor (chest strap) supportNoYes
RecommendationsStrain coach, sleep coachExercise reminders
Post-workout analysisMetrics and recommendationsRaw metrics
CommunityTeamsAwards and activity sharing

For instance, WHOOP recognizes physical activity as a workout when your heart rate rises for more than 15 minutes, and the exercise led to a metabolic strain score of 8 or higher. (We’ll be discussing which category the strain score is the near future in the future, so keep an eye out).

This is a table that evaluates the fitness and activity monitoring capabilities of the two devices side-by-side.

The best part with WHOOP is the fact that it is able to learn about the type of exercise you perform. This means that should WHOOP recognizes that you are doing physical exercise but isn’t able to categorize it appropriately it records it under “Other.” When you choose to switch “Other” to reflect the type of exercise you did (e.g. skateboarding), WHOOP remembers the exercise, its duration as well as its HR pattern to recognize future skating sessions.

Thus, WHOOP is able to identify the 87 workout types they have in their database.

Apple Watch only has 16 workouts available, however, it’s only able to identify five of those. Furthermore, Apple only adds new kinds of workouts every year (along with each update to watchOS).

Training Goals for Fitness: Can Apple Watch and WHOOP Strap Score Workouts

If you do not include a workout in a manual way, Apple Watch keeps tabs on your activity hours that count towards your workout or fitness targets. Apple describes activity time as time you are in a high-intensity heart zone. It also says that “every complete minute of movement that is equal to or greater than that of quick walk counts towards your exercise and move goals.”

WHOOP is a more advanced method of monitoring the strain you place on your heart system based on the following formula:

(Resting heart rate plus 0.3 (Resting heart rate + 0.3 (Max. heart rate-resting rate )).

Whoop vs Apple Watch - What Is The Best At 2022 (12)

(Video) How to Activate Full HRV Tracking In Your Apple Watch - Review - Ultra SE AW 8 7 6 5 4 Athlytic

In terms of the definition, WHOOP calculates your heart reserve which represents the gap between your highest heart rate and at resting rate. If you are doing something that increases your heart rate up to 30 percent or more of the reserve level, this will increase the strain on your body.

Here’s an example of a heart rate based on my own personal heart rate information:

  • The resting rate of heartbeat: 41 beats per minute
  • Maximum heart rate: 190 bpm
  • Reserve for heart rate: 149 BPM
  • Activity threshold for detection: 85.7 bpm

As the above numbers indicate, I’ll be able to accumulate strain within the WHOOP application when my heart rate is higher than 86 beats/minute. Therefore, if I sit at my computer for the entire morning and then go home in a state of no strain by noon.

I believe each of the Apple and WHOOP methods of gathering and quantifying physical activity is acceptable. However, Apple’s approach is targeted toward the typical consumer, and WHOOP’s approach is targeted more toward sports and fitness enthusiasts and serious athletes.

Personally, I’m not worried about either health indicator because I have a specific exercise routine that yields my desired outcomes. My wife however is working on improving her cardiovascular health and is more attentive to the strain scores that are reported by WHOOP.

Sleep Tracking

Tracking your sleep is one of the most important characteristics of a fitness tracker. This is due to the fact that sleep quality can have a significant impact on the way your day runs and how hard you’ll work out. The fitness tracker is able to detect the various stages of sleep like deep, light, and REM sleep. It is a shame that the Apple Watch lacks quality sleep monitoring capabilities because of its poor battery life and absence of sensors.

But, Whoop is among the most precise sleep trackers available, thanks to a variety of high-quality sensors, including an accelerometer and heart rate sensor temp sensor for ambient temperatures, as well as a skin conductance sensor.

As a comparison, the watch does not use measurements from an accelerometer or heart rate monitor to tell if you’re asleep or not. The data isn’t conclusive enough to tell the difference between light and REM sleep. In addition, Whoop outshines the Apple watch due to its higher sampling rate.

Whoop App Vs. iOS Heath App

In truth, The Whoop has a lot of functions that can be found in one application and provides precise information all in one central location. Sleep coach, strain coach, and recovery coach functions are all on one screen. While The Apple Watch displays the basics like sleeping schedules, habit tracking, and even heart rates, it does not compare to the health features offered by Whoop. The Whoops is specifically designed for fitness coaching and monitoring.

Apple Watch vs Whoop: Battery

Battery life and charging capabilities differ greatly in both Whoop as well as the Apple Watch fitness trackers. Apple Watch has shorter battery life. Apple Watch seems to run out of battery more quickly and, if you wear it in the evening, you’ll need to remove it during the day to recharge it. The Whoop’s battery can last up to five days with a full charge. It is also equipped with a rechargeable battery that can be charged even while in your Whoop.

Subscription and Compatibility

The Whoop uses a subscription model, whereas the Watch is a single-time commitment. You can purchase Apple Watch as a standalone device or as a companion to an iPhone. In contrast, Whoop users purchase a membership in order to use the app. The fitness band is free when you sign up for the membership.

However, it is true that Apple Watch is not compatible with Android. Apple Watch is only compatible with iOS and iOS, which could dissuade some potential Android users. However, Whoop is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices.


Although Whoop, as well as Apple Watch, wearables they’re two distinct devices that have different features.

Apple Watch is a smartwatch However, it is not that the same applies to other Whoop bands. If you’re choosing one of these watches it is important to consider their capabilities.

If you’re looking for a watch that tracks your health and fitness features for the Whoop band. However, you should go with an Apple wearable if require the band to function as a mini-phone.

Better yet, choose the two gadgets and wear them both interchangeably!

WHOOP vs Apple Watch FAQs

Can Apple Watch compare to Whoop?

Whoop utilizes a metric known as “Strain” to gauge the level of activity you have and is based on several different heart rate measurements. Every every day Whoop offers the “Optimal Strain” number that is based on how to fit your body feels. When Apple Watch wants you to add the Activity Rings, Whoop encourages you to slow down your pace.

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Are Whoop watches worth it?

The device is extremely comfy to use. The data is good when you want to perform at the top of your game during a high-intensity cardio sport. for a tiny subset of athletes with a lot of money, Whoop is one of the most effective wearables you could purchase. When you think about it this way, the Whoop clients make a lot more sense.


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