Top 10 Largest YouTube Channels 2022, Most Viewed And Subscribed Channels (2023)

YouTube is the future of entertainment. YouTube channels have achieved the popularity of mainstream TV channels in the recent year. They have die-hard fans and followers. One of the reasons for this shift is that YouTube content can be viewed at any time, unlike TV shows. Many YouTube channels have become a source of knowledge and entertainment for many. Since 2005, the platform has become the launch pad of future celebrities. Many content creators have achieved superstar status.

Some YouTube channels have become so huge that they have billions of views and subscribers. A few big YouTubers make thousands to million views in a week. Viral videos and music videos are a daily phenomenon on this platform. You can find every kind of content creator on this platform. Let us look at some of the biggest YouTube channels in 2022:

Table of Contents

  • 1. PewDiePie
  • 2. HolaSoyGerman
  • 3. Smosh
  • 4. Fernanfloo
  • 5. VanossGaming
  • 6. Whinderssonnunes
  • 7. Nigahiga
  • 8. JuegaGerman
  • 9. JennaMarbles
  • 10. RomanAtwood

1. PewDiePie

Top 10 Largest YouTube Channels 2022, Most Viewed And Subscribed Channels (1)

At number one of our list of the biggest YouTube channels in the world is YouTube. Felix Kjellberg is the owner of the gaming channel which goes by the name PewDiePie. It is right now the largest channel on YouTube with around 56 million subscribers. This Swedish YouTuber is the undisputed king of YouTube with the highest income and views. The YouTuber made around $15 million in 2016. His content involves humor and video game commentary. His fans love his comedy timings and dry sense of humor. He uses childlike voices in many of his commentaries and has teamed with many other video game commenters and YouTubers. He calls his audiences as the “Bro Army.” He has been living in Britain for the last few years. Felix has a girlfriend who is also a famous YouTuber. She is seen in many of his videos. Felix dropped out of college to concentrate on his YouTube career and become a household name within a short time. His photoshop skills and commentary styles made him popular. His fans range from many countries in the world.

Number of subscribers: More than 56 million.

Average income: $15 million

2. HolaSoyGerman

Top 10 Largest YouTube Channels 2022, Most Viewed And Subscribed Channels (2)

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HolaSoyGerman is the second biggest YouTuber in the world. German Garmendia joined YouTube in the year 2011 and since has become the highest subscribed Spanish-speaking channel in the world. He makes skits on the humorous everyday adult issues. German has around 3 billion views on his main channel alone. He also started two other channel in one of the channels he uploads daily vlogs in the other he uploads gaming content. His channel has made him a celebrity in the Spanish-speaking world. He has earned two Diamond Play buttons. German Garmendia also campaigns for Greenpeace, plays for a band and author of a self-help book. He had been a victim of many controversies associated with tricking subscribers.

Number of subscribers: More than 31.5 million

Average income: $1.6 million

3. Smosh

Top 10 Largest YouTube Channels 2022, Most Viewed And Subscribed Channels (3)

Smosh is a channel with two owners Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. They are childhood friends and Sacramento natives. The duo joined YouTube in 2005. Since their debut on YouTube, they become one of the popular channels on the site. They became famous for their parody sketches like ‘Masterchef Millennials,’ ‘The Big What If,’ and ‘Every Blank Ever.’ They also gained widescale recognition for their Pokémon related series. They are also famous for lip-synching to the Mortal Kombat theme songs. Smosh’s annual series “Food Battle” have made their channel very famous around the world and also gained them a lot of traffic. The Smosh team is growing every year and improving on their video gaming content videos, animation, language, and sketches.

Number of Subscribers: 22.6 million

Average income: $7 million in 2016

4. Fernanfloo

Top 10 Largest YouTube Channels 2022, Most Viewed And Subscribed Channels (4)

Fernanfloo is a channel run by Luis Fernando Flores a gamer from El Salvador. He has made a name for himself with his wacky, hilarious commentary and penchant for indie titles. He is only 23 years of age. One of his most famous videos was The Fernanfloo Rap. He also makes vlogs, answers questions, and does challenges. At the beginning of YouTube days, he was not making gaming content. After a while, he shifted to this famous gaming content.

(Video) Most Subscribed YouTube Channels 2022

Number of Subscribers: 21.6 million

Average income: $2.6 million yearly

5. VanossGaming

Top 10 Largest YouTube Channels 2022, Most Viewed And Subscribed Channels (5)

VanossGaming is a gaming channel owned by Run by Evan Fong since the year 2011. His exceptional editing skills and humor had made him distinct and famous amongst his fans. The channel is mainly about the Canadian YouTuber and his friends playing Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, Garry’s Mod. Some of his famous series are Black Ops II, Dead by Daylight, Paranormal Action Squad, Grand Theft Auto V, Dead Rising 3, Skate 3, and Garry’s Mod. He has around 7.2 billion views on his channel.

Number of Subscribers: 20.6 million

Average income: $8.9 million

6. Whinderssonnunes

Top 10 Largest YouTube Channels 2022, Most Viewed And Subscribed Channels (6)

Whinderssonnunes is one of Brazils most loved channels. It is owned by shirtless 22-year-old YouTuber Whindersson Nunes, who is known for his ranty blogs. He is a comedian, musician, and YouTuber. He is also known for his pop parodies like The Weeknd’s “Starboy”, and Adel’s Hello. Whinderssonnunes is one of the largest growing channels on YouTubers.

Number of Subscribers: 20.1 million

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Average income: $3.6 million

7. Nigahiga

Top 10 Largest YouTube Channels 2022, Most Viewed And Subscribed Channels (7)

Ryan Higa is known by his YouTube channel name Nigahiga. He has another channel called as Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos, and Tarynn Nago. The channel is registered in the year 2006. He is a comedian, actor, and YouTube. Nigahiga has become famous for his comedic content. The channel is known for a variety of series like Dear Ryan, Movies in Minutes, and Off the Pill. He also has many musical contents on his channel since the year 2008. He is of Japanese descent. He started composing and making his own music after several of his lip synching videos were removed because of copyrights issues.

Number of subscribers: 19.6 million

Average Income: Around $1.6 million

8. JuegaGerman

Top 10 Largest YouTube Channels 2022, Most Viewed And Subscribed Channels (8)

Germán Garmendia is the owner of the channel, and he records various comedy and music videos on the channel with his gaming content. The 26-year-old is known for his creativity as we have mentioned before. This is his second channel making to the list. When he is not gaming, he is usually exploring the internet and making videos on current issues.

Subscribers: 19.1 million

Average income: $1.6 million

(Video) Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of ALL TIME (2005-2021)

9. JennaMarbles

Top 10 Largest YouTube Channels 2022, Most Viewed And Subscribed Channels (9)

JennaMarbles is the name of the Jenna Mourey’s YouTube persona. Her channel is one of the most popular channels in the world. Her face is one of the most familiar faces in YouTube. Jenna has 2 billion views on her channel. She is even known as the most famous female content creator on the platform. Her videos are known for their humor and distinct style. One of her most famous videos is “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking.” The video currently has more than 5 million views. JennaMarblesVlog is her other channel where she frequently uploads vlogs, but it hasn’t gained much popularity like her main channel.

Number of Subscribers: More than 17.3 million.

Average income: $440,000 a year

Net Worth: $2 million.

10. RomanAtwood

Top 10 Largest YouTube Channels 2022, Most Viewed And Subscribed Channels (10)

Roman Atwood is the biggest pranksters of YouTube. He also has a second channel for vlogs which is also quite popular. He is one of the most loved YouTubers starts in the world. His channels are famous for his pranks, videos, and fun vlogs. The channel is known for some shocking pranks like the one where he tries to convince his girlfriend that he killed their three-year-old. His prank videos have a total of 1.4 billion views. He has an extensive collection of prank videos shot in public.

Number of subscribers: More than 10.2 million.

Average income: $8 million

(Video) Most Subscribed Youtube Channels All Time 2005-2022 [TOP 10]

Net Worth: $20 million.

One can make a living from YouTube which was not possible earlier. This is because of the popularity of the platform. Advertisers are attracted to this platform more than others. YouTubers have slowly become the loudest voice in our modern world. They are replacing our old system. People feel more connected to YouTubers than other celebrities which can be one of the primary reasons for the growth of these channels. Any ordinary person can start a YouTube channel and become a star over night with hard work and good content.


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