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Education Podcasts

10-minute messages of positive and uplifting messages along with some homilies from Deacon Tom Scarlett, a permanent deacon in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

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Education Podcasts


10-minute messages of positive and uplifting messages along with some homilies from Deacon Tom Scarlett, a permanent deacon in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.







(Video) The Eucharist and the Hope of Conversion with Deacon James Keating Ph.D. - Discerning Hearts Podcast
Open the Door3/12/2023

It is so easy to do – to get caught up in the things of this world. It happens to all of us; we all do it. We are all perfectly imperfect in our pursuit of God and our attempts to live our life for Him, but He knows that. He knows that we will stumble and fall and He knows more than anything that we will always find a way to muck it up.


Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?2/26/2023

Episode 150!Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?I have seen those who fold in these experiences, and I see others who lean into them, not alone, but strengthened in their resolve to recognize Christ in all occasions – the ordinary and the extraordinary. I have seen it before in my lifetime when it appears that someone or some folks are dealt more than they can handle, and it breaks our hearts for our Christian brethren.


The Rules of Guitar2/20/2023

These rules - these basics, were necessary. I could hold a guitar at nine years old and make a lot of noise on it, but I didn’t hold it the right way and the noise was certainly not music. There were some necessary things to learn. An instrument can be intimidating if you’ve only watched someone play it and never tried it yourself, and it can be especially intimidating if you tried it and like all of us the first time picking something up, the noise you make is awful.It is part of the...


The Cardinal in the Rafters2/5/2023

The overhead door to the garage was up early in the afternoon and for some reason, it had never happened before, but a cardinal flew in the open door and up into the rafters where she was trapped. Not trapped like one might expect by being stuck or caught up in something, but trapped in the broad open spaces of the rafters where she flew around in a panic trying to find her way out...


Who Is Calling?1/27/2023

Discernment is not a simple question resolved with a simple answer. Many times the answer comes in the journey that you are on with God walking with you. That control we keep for ourselves; it was never yours – it always has belonged to God, but He offers it to you through your free will. Your discernment, your “calling to consider, brothers and sisters,” starts now.


Lessons from Yellowstone1/22/2023

Cowboy logic is mostly pretty solid logic. It is simple and to the point. It is easy to understand and difficult to argue. It is "the basics" and something we can all stand to get back to. Simple and basic can sometimes open the door to new opportunities and many worthwhile contributions.We all have so very much to offer, and our contributions can be great. Weigh your options and consider who might be looking at you as a role model. You really never know who might hang on your every word....


Say Something!1/15/2023

Jesus is the only bridge between us and our eternal happiness, He’s the only way to know what it means to fully be human, He’s the only way to know how much we are loved by God, and how to live fully in love.If you know all this, how can you keep it to yourself?


Remember the Fire1/6/2023

Podcast #144We are created as fine steel, suitable to a sword of combat, but not until we are tempered and tried and not until we are heated in the fire – the trials and tribulations of this life that strengthen us. Do not fear the fire that strengthens you.


Come and See7/28/2022

No matter who you are, you will be challenged in and about your faith at some point in your life. Sometimes many times. Sometimes constantly. How do you and how will you respond when your faith is challenged?


The Facts of Life5/16/2022

Love can do all things: it can strengthen and inspire, and break hearts and ease pain, it can heal wounds and it can lead the Son of Man to a cross to willingly die for we sinners of this world and ultimately defeat death itself. All for love.


(Video) The Bible vs. Biblical Womanhood ft. Philip Payne

The Palm Sunday Donkey4/11/2022

The colt; the never-saddled donkey that was tied and waiting was worthy. It was worthy because Jesus said so. He requested it. He sent for it. And it fulfilled a mighty purpose.


Give It Away!4/11/2022

To keep God’s love is like heading out on a trip in a new car. It’s shiny, comfortable, and is desirable; but, if you sit in the drivers seat without starting the car it will go nowhere. Your journey, your adventure to receive more and more of God’s love is not to keep it, but to give it away…every last bit that you can – give it away. It’s then that you will find that there is only more waiting for you and spilling into your lap…give that away too.


Its a Wonderful Life - Reflection - December 01 2019 - Repost 2021mp312/7/2021

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These Are The Times That Try Men's Souls11/21/2021

Scripture is such that you can wade in it or you can swim in it. You can read the words and gather something from them a message that inspires and blesses you and you can read it 100 times wading into the words and find something that speaks to you. Read it one more time and swim in the scripture immersing yourself into God’s intention and open up so very much more.


The Good Side of FaceBook10/24/2021

Social media can be a breeding ground for shaming others, but it can also be a launching pad to lift others up and encourage them. It can be a place to downplay the existence of God and talk down believers and their faith. Or, it can be a place of prayer and holiness; rosaries and prayer groups, bible studies, and religious education. Listen now to the latest podcast from Deacon Speakin'


Busy, Busy, Busy10/17/2021

“If the devil cannot make us bad, he will make us busy.”― Corrie ten Boom


(Video) The Glorious Mysteries - VIRTUAL ROSARY - (Sundays & Wednesdays)
My Brother's Drawings10/10/2021

My brother was a good artist and was incredibly creative and he could put anything on paper that was in his head. Maybe I was lazy, or uncreative, or uninspired; but, I most often found myself copying whatever my big brother was drawing. He was not a fan of that and I took some shots in the arm from him for copying his work...hear more in this week's epsiode!


My Bucket's Got a Hole In It10/4/2021

What was so very notable about that bucket? Sure it was made of plastic – the kind you might expect an ice cream bucket to be made of, and the blue handle wasn’t so very brilliantly blue in any sense, and although the handwriting was quite neat – it was a bit uneven, but produced a clear and concise message. So, why target the bucket – this very simple repurposed bucket?


The Good Song Theory9/26/2021

Its funny how a melody can bring back a memory, putting you in that place and time and pulling in all the good, and sometimes bad in its entirety. Listen to The Good Song Theory and see if you agree.


The Elvis Sermon9/19/2021

Elvis Presley had a deep-seeded foundation in his faith and he seemed to be reaching for that when all else was reaching for him, placing him on a pedestal, and calling him King. Deacon Speakin' Episode 132: The Elvis Sermon



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