Best Costco Mattress Topper, our #1 alternative for 2023 (2023)

Mattresses don’t come cheap, and if you want to save a few bucks and extend the overall life of your old mattress, you can use a mattress topper.

The good thing is that Costco has a wide range of these toppers available. But which one should you consider for your bed?

We have developed this list of the best Costco mattress toppers to help you out in this process.

Our 3 (better) alternative to the mattress topper you can find at Costco

Editor's pickSaatva Graphite Mattress Topper- Three premium materials- Organic cotton- Secure elastic anchorBIG Bedroom Bonanza Sale! 3 DAYS ONLY | Get up to $600 off
GhostBed Memory Foam Topper- Cooling gel memory foam- Deep-pocket cotton cover- Waterproof mattress protectorExclusive offer : Up to 50% OFF

What are the best-Selling Mattresses Topper at Costco?

Saatva Graphite Mattress Topper

Best Costco Mattress Topper, our #1 alternative for 2023 (4)


- Three premium materials
- Organic cotton
- Secure elastic anchor


1 year

Trial period

120 nights


3 options

BIG Bedroom Bonanza Sale! 3 DAYS ONLY | Get up to $600 off

Overall, the best mattress topper that you’ll find at Costco.

This latex mattress topper by Saatva is among the best for comfort and durability (check 8 amazing latex mattress toppers). This mattress topper also has graphite and a memory foam variant. Therefore, you can choose the material that meets your demands and preferences.

Each of these premium quality mattress toppers elevates your overall sleep experience. You can significantly enhance your comfort and support using this topper over your new or old mattress (check the most comfy mattress toppers).

The covers of these mattress toppers are made of moisture-wicking and highly breathable materials. This is an excellent feature for those of you who tend to sleep hot or have to tackle night sweats.

Furthermore, these toppers come with anchor bands that are secure and elastic, so your topper fits well on your mattress. This mattress topper works well with various Saatva mattresses and other brands with this construction.

The graphite variant comes with a 3-inch memory foam layer infused with graphite to ensure excellent cooling comfort. Of course, it will guarantee better motion isolation.

The latex variant is better suited for hot sleepers, and it is 1.5 inches thick. Moreover, it will ensure better support and will help you sleep cool (check the top rated cooling mattress toppers).

The third variant is the traditional memory foam topper that is 1.5 inches thick, and it is the best option if you are looking for more comfort and that iconic enveloping feeling. It is an excellent option for motion isolation, but it might not work for those who tend to sleep hot.

The mattress topper is available in different sizes ranging from twin to split king in all three variants. So you can pick one according to your preferences.

Apart from that, you can purchase a wide range of bedding accessories by Saatva at Costco, including sheets, pillowcases, and so much more to enhance your comfort even more in addition to this topper.

In a nutshell This mattress topper by Saatva comes with a whopping 180-night sleep trial and a 1-year warranty. So, you are getting one of the best mattress toppers on the market, and that too, with exceptional after-sale service.

Puffy Mattress Topper

$750 off every mattress + 15% off all accessories

Best mattress topper for different firmness configurations.

Puffy presents you with one of its best-selling items, the Puffy Mattress Topper. And the feature that makes it stand out, especially from Saatva’s mattress topper, is its two different firmness configurations.

As this mattress topper is available in different sizes, you can choose between the firmness levels for your mattress topper. It means that this topper is going to work well with both new and old mattresses.

Puffy offers a 101-night sleep trial which is slower than what Sattav has to offer. But Saatva lags behind in front of the towering lifetime warranty from Puffy.

But there are some other extraordinary features that this mattress topper has. For instance, this topper is hypoallergenic. It means that people with sensitive skin types and those who have to deal with different allergies or asthma will love using it on their beds.

Moreover, the mattress topper has a washable cover, so you won’t have to deal with any cleaning and maintenance issues. And the best part is that it is priced much lower than the likes of Saatva mattress toppers.

If you tend to sleep hot, this mattress will come in handy because it is made of polyester and bamboo (also check 5 great bamboo mattress toppers). Furthermore, this topper works well with all mattresses, ensuring excellent fitting with quality construction.

The mattress topper also features an anti-slip grip so that it won’t move around on your mattress no matter what. If you share your bed, these features will truly work for you.

Furthermore, this mattress topper might come in two different firmness configurations, but you also get to change its overall firmness depending on your needs and requirements. So you can customize it in a way that suits you best.

Not only that, there is a wide range of bedding accessories by Puffy at Costco that you can choose from to make your bedding set even more comfortable. From sheets to mattresses and pillowcases to other bedding items, Puffy has got your back.

In a nutshell Puffy is one of the popular brands due to its exceptional after-sale services. But the fact that you can buy a mattress topper in different firmness configurations is truly unique, and that’s why this topper is ranked so high on our list.

GhostBed Memory Foam Topper

Best Costco Mattress Topper, our #1 alternative for 2023 (6)


- Cooling gel memory foam
- Deep-pocket cotton cover
- Waterproof mattress protector

Exclusive offer : Up to 50% OFF

A memory foam mattress topper with waterproof protection.

You will love the GhostBed mattress topper if you have kids or pets. This mattress topper comes with waterproof protection. So, you won’t have to deal with those spills at all.

Even with these extraordinary features, this topper’s price is more affordable than Saatva’s. But it is slightly pricier than Puffy.

This memory foam mattress is 3 inches thick, as thick as the graphite mattress topper by Satva, and it is made of cooling gel memory foam. So hot sleepers will find it pretty useful as it regulates temperatures and wicks moisture away.

Another feature that makes it stand out is that it comes with a deep-pocket design. This mattress will conveniently fit all mattresses, even from other brands. The topper is made of breathable materials, and you will feel comfortable sleeping on it.

Furthermore, you can purchase a wide range of bedding accessories by GhostBed at Costco to improve your overall sleep experience. From bed frames to mattresses and pillows, you will find them all at GhostBed.

This mattress topper comes with a 5-year warranty which is better than what Sattva is offering on its mattress topper, and you will also get a 101-night sleep trial which is slightly lower than Saatva.

What makes this mattress topper so unique is that zoned comfort. This mattress topper features targeted zones for comfort, and due to these zones, this topper is an ideal choice for all types of sleeping positions.

So, this topper might not be available in different firmness levels like the Puffy mattress or materials like the Saatva mattress topper. Still, it is available with this zoning comfort, making it an ideal option for all sleepers.

The overall construction of this mattress topper also doesn’t feature any harmful chemicals, and the mattress is certified CertiPUR-US. Therefore, this mattress topper is hypoallergenic, just like the Puffy mattress topper.

In a nutshell This mattress topper comes at a pretty comfortable price and comes with waterproofing, making it an ideal option for homes with children and pets, protecting your bed from spills.

Plushbeds Memory Foam Topper

Best Costco Mattress Topper, our #1 alternative for 2023 (7)


- Supportive
- Pressure relieving
- Temperature regulating

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT : Enjoy $1250 off all bedroom mattresses

A memory foam mattress topper with a wide range of customization options.

PlushBeds is highly regarded for its high-quality products. Whether you are looking for mattresses or bedding accessories, PlushBeds has a fine range of top-notch products that will continue to perform for a long time.

This topper features a patented design that will enable you to sleep comfortably and cool all night long. Not only will it dissipate heat, but it will also provide you with pressure relief and support.

The materials used to construct this mattress are all GreenGuard Gold and CertiPUR-US certified. Therefore, using this topper won’t have to deal with any allergens or toxins. This is especially the case for those of you who have sensitive skin types, asthma, or allergies.

What makes this mattress topper stand out from the rest of the brands is its customization options. You get to choose the right size based on your preferences ranging from twin to California king.

Plus, yYou can choose from two different thickness levels, including 2-inch or 3-inch (also check 8 amazing thick mattress toppers). You can choose from two densities, including 4 lbs of Plushfoam or 5.34 lbs of it.

Furthermore, PlushBeds provides you with options to go for an organic cotton cover or not. This will add some additional charges. All this customization is available at a pretty reasonable price which is relatively lower than the Saatva mattress topper.

To add to that, PlushBeds has a plethora of bedding accessories available in their offerings, and you can shop for them at Costco. Everything is available here, from mattresses to pillows and bed frames, and their quality is exquisite.

These mattress toppers are highly pressure-relieving and supportive (check the best selling mattress toppers for pressure points) and guarantee temperature regulation. All these features are available in these mattress toppers by PlushBeds. What more can you ask for?

In a nutshell Premium quality mattress toppers that come with full customization. PlushBeds mattress toppers truly deliver value for money.

Lift Mattress Topper by Amerisleep™

Best Costco Mattress Topper, our #1 alternative for 2023 (8)


- 2 firmness options
- Greatly improve comfort and support
- Perfect for all positions


5 years

Trial period

No trial


Memory foam

Exclusive Offer of the week : $450 Off any mattress

A quality mattress topper with a focus on pressure relief.

If you have to deal with back pain and joint aches a lot, you need to consider buying the Lift by Amerisleep. This mattress topper focuses on delivering absolute comfort and support thanks to its patented design and construction.

With this mattress topper, you will upgrade your mattress and experience a comfortable night’s sleep. The mattress topper features a highly breathable cover that will keep you cool at night. It is a useful feature for people who tend to sleep hot.

Apart from that, this mattress topper features HIVE technology for pressure relief. Therefore, this technology will sort things out for you if you tend to deal with joint pains. Pressure relieving is important for anyone who prefers to sleep on their side.

But stomach and back sleepers will rejoice with this mattress topper’s Comfort Lift and Support Lift features (check the top rated mattress toppers for stomach sleeper). So overall, this mattress topper is a top choice for combo sleepers.

And thanks to the Bio-Pur materials that Amerisleep has used in the development of this mattress topper, it will keep things comfortable for hot sleepers.

The mattress topper is available in different sizes, and you can choose the layering that your topper will feature. It can either be more comfortable or supportive. Therefore, you get to pick the design of your topper according to your sleep preferences.

This mattress topper comes with a 5-year warranty which is better than what Saatva offers, but not Puffy. The downside of this mattress topper is that it doesn’t come with a sleep trial. This is because Amerisleep only offers sleep trials on its mattresses.

Moreover, there is a wide range of bedding accessories that you can shop for from Amerisleep. Costco has all these bedding items available on theory offerings.

In a nutshell You might not get any sleep trials here, but the Lift is a good quality mattress topper geared towards pressure relieving and back support.

Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Costco Mattress Topper, our #1 alternative for 2023 (9)


- Innovative foam technology
- Help Relieve Pressure Points
- Cooling Cover

Special offer: Free Shipping with Our Discount Code

The best mattress topper from Costco’s offerings and the best in terms of price.

As we mentioned earlier, Costco knows a thing or two about bedding and mattresses. And the Novaform EVENcore GelPlus is a pretty good example of that. This 3-inch thick mattress topper comes at a highly affordable price.

This mattress topper is available in different sizes and has a pretty good design that allows it to fit well on all mattresses. The cover of this topper is 20 inches deep, so it will even fit the thickest of hybrid mattresses.

You need to remember that no customization options are available here. You won’t be able to alter this topper’s thickness or firmness level in any way. So, that’s a bit of a downside if you compare it with the likes of PlushBeds, Saatav, Puffy, and others we reviewed earlier.

This mattress does a fine job when it comes to keeping the surfaces cool and comfortable for you. The top layer of this mattress topper features GelPlus technology that will relieve pressure and keep you cool and comfortable during sleep.

People dealing with night sweats and joint pains will love to sleep on this mattress topper. It has a slightly softer configuration, making it an ideal option for side sleepers.

You can purchase many other bedding items from Costco’s own brands, including bed frames, pillows, mattresses, sheets, and so much more. Furthermore, a wide range of other brand options is available to cater to yogurt bedding needs.

In a nutshell Costco has offered a pretty good after-sale service for this mattress topper, and that too at a pretty good price. This is one of the most affordable options available if you shop for mattress toppers at Costco.

Tempur-Pedic Tempur Mattress Topper

Best Costco Mattress Topper, our #1 alternative for 2023 (10)


- Soft-knit, breathable cover
- Hypoallergenic
- Improves comfort of any mattress

Special offer: Free Shipping with Our Discount Code

The best mattress topper for back support.

If you have had a backache for a long time, it’s time to replace your mattress. But if you still don’t have the right budget, bring the Tempur Cloud mattress topper. Tempur-Pedic products are excellent for backache because they are highly supportive (check the best selling mattress toppers for back pain).

This quality mattress topper is available in different sizes that go from twin to Cal king. But it is not available in Split king size as some of the other mattress toppers that we have reviewed above.

The best part is that it is available in two different thickness levels. You can either go for a 2-inch topper or a 3-inch one. And these thicknesses are available in all sizes.

Furthermore, you can purchase different bedding accessories by Tempur-Pedic at Costco, as they have the full range available from mattresses to pillowcases and sheets.

As this mattress topper is ideal for people with backache, it doesn’t feature many cooling technologies. It keeps you warm during your sleep while providing you with proper spinal alignment.

So this memory foam mattress topper is not the ideal option for hot sleepers. It also comes with a medium-firm configuration. Therefore, it is an ideal option for all body types and sleep positions.

As it’s a traditional memory foam mattress topper, you must allow it to return to its original shape after opening the packaging for at least 48 hours. This is the off-gassing period, and you should open the windows and doors of your room, too, to speed up the process.

Being a memory foam mattress topper will give you an enveloping feel. So, this is probably the best mattress topper you will find on the market when it comes to contouring and conformance.

In a nutshell This mattress topper comes with a 90-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, and you also get to choose from two different thickness levels. If you are dealing with backache, this is your ideal mattress topper.

What Kind of Mattress Topper is the Most Comfortable?

Comfort means different things to different people. Some people prefer to sleep on firmer surfaces, while others prefer to sleep on more cushioned surfaces. Of course, it entirely depends upon your overall body type and the sleep position that you prefer to sleep in.

Bulkier people prefer more firmness, while lighter people prefer less firmness. People who sleep on their sides prefer softer surfaces, while those who sleep on their backs or stomachs prefer slightly firmer surfaces.

Those who have to deal with joint pains must go for a surface with pressure relief, while those who have backaches must go for spinal alignment or support.

You have to consider whether you sleep hot or cold. If you sleep hot, you must go for cooler, comforting surfaces. If you feel cold during your sleep, a warmer surface will suffice.

You need to figure out these traits and choose the right mattress topper based on that. You must go for a slightly firmer topper if it is old and out of shape. But if your mattress is new, you can go for a softer topper.

What is the Ideal Mattress Topper Thickness?

Again, you have to decide based on your sleep preferences and the age of your mattress. Thicker mattress toppers work for those looking for more support and prefer to sleep on their sides. Bulkier people should go for tucker mattress toppers.

Thinner mattress toppers are better if you have a new mattress that hasn’t lost its shape. Lighter people or those who prefer to sleep on their side or back will find a thinner topper a better option.

What Thickness of Mattress Topper is Best for Back Pain?

People who have to deal with backaches should go for a thicker mattress that provides more support and spinal alignment. It’s better to go for a medium-firm or firm configuration, and a 3-inch thick mattress topper will work much better.

But consider whether you prefer to sleep on your side, back, or stomach. Side sleepers should choose softer mattress toppers, while back or stomach sleepers should consider going for firmer mattresses.

What is the Best Mattress Topper for a Firm Mattress?

It entirely depends on the overall condition of your mattress. If you have a new firm mattress, you should consider going for a softer mattress topper if you are looking for more comfort than support (check the best selling toppers for firm mattress). This is important if you or your partner prefer to sleep on your sides.

If the mattress is old, consider going for a firmer mattress topper because it fills up the room with the support that your old but firm mattress doesn’t offer. Firm mattresses tend to be durable and don’t lose their firmness easily over time.

So, make the right decision based on the shape of your mattress and consider the sleep position you prefer the most.

How Do I Pick Out a Mattress Topper?

You need to pick the right mattress topper based on various factors. The condition of your current mattress is the most important factor. You need to consider whether it’s an old or a new mattress and whether it’s a firm or a soft mattress.

Apart from that, you must consider what sleep positions you prefer. Side sleepers need softer sleep surfaces, while back and stomach sleepers prefer a slightly firmer surface.

You must consider whether you are dealing with any back or joint conditions. Spinal alignment and pressure relief, respectively, are the two features that cater to these issues.

If you tend to sleep hot or have allergies or asthma, go for hypoallergenic materials. Of course, if you have kids or pets in your home, consider using additional waterproofing protection.

Our Recommendation:

Costco offers a range of mattress toppers and other bedding accessories (also check 7 amazing Costco mattresses). They have their bedding brand and all other brands from the market. Costco has everything from Saatva, Puffy, and PlushBeds to GhostBed, Tempur-Pedic, and Amerisleep.

It’s up to you to understand your needs and preferences and pick the right products according to your preferences.

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