about our staff — Academy of Hair Design (2022)

about our staff — Academy of Hair Design (1)

At the Academy of Hair Design we invest in what benefits you the most. We believe education is the key to a successful and rewarding career. Our Owners and Co-Founders Ron and Jean and Joe and Shelly Gitthens are also founders and partners of Duncan Brothers Salons, which was established in 1969 and have many years of knowledge and understanding in what it takes to succeed in the salon industry.We are determined to develop the very best education available for our students, which is why our students get the very best salon placement possible upon graduation. Our biggest investment is our team of dedicated staff that are passionate about inspiring the next generation. We have a combined 314 years of experience and can be trusted to be a part of your journey.Members of our staff were trained and certified before the school was opened by Toni and Guy, beginning in the early 90's through 2007. We then began a partnership with Sassoon Academy School Connection and Nuts and Bolts Business Cirriculum. The Academy of Hair Design was the very first Sassoon Academy School Connection program in the country beginning in 2007 and continued until June of 2012, where we contracted with Sally Rogerson and SR Education, former Global Artist and Education Director for Vidal Sassoon Academy to be the Academy Art Director until June of 2013. In August of 2013 we became one of 3 test schools for Eric Fisher's Prosper U Business program and began to train with Goldwell US and KMS California. In 2014 our staff was certified and began to teach American Crew Barbering. Members of our staff travel to the Goldwell/KMS Academy's in New York City and Santa Monica periodically for additional training as well as having some of the best Educators in the country visiting our Academy multiple times per year. Some of the recent names include, Rebecca Heile-Goldwell US, Robert Brown-Goldwell US, Daniel Rubin-Goldwell US, Simon Miller-KMS California, Shawna Parvin-Goldwell US, Sonna Brado-KMS California and Derrek Zeno-Goldwell US. We look forward to being a part of your present and future success!!

One thing you can rest assured of is that our team is a family and we are dedicated to EACH OTHER, AOHD and YOU! We look forward to being part of your journey!

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Joe has been in the hair industry for over 30 years. He has taught at the Academy of Hair Design since the school opened in 2005. Joe’s passion for teaching is unmistakable and it shows in the caliber of students that graduate from the Academy. His students are prepared to enter a salon and work at a professional level. Joe believes that continued education is the key to staying on top of new trends and being a hairdresser that can build a lifelong career in our industry. Joe is also passionate about teaching our business course "Prosper U", developed by Eric Fisher, and helping the students understand the importance of being a salon professional in business.He has taken countless continued education classes and is certified with Sassoon ABC Cutting and Coloring,American Crew Men's Barbering, Aquage, Goldwell, KMS IQ Cutting and Toni&Guy. Joe has a vast knowledge in cutting, coloring and barbering and human relations. Joe is someone who has given each student 100% every day and an instructor no one forgets.

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Taylor also began his career at AOHD, going on to be a successful hairdresser in the OKC Metro. Taylor always had a strong desire to teach, but wanted to be sure he was grounded in his career before making the move to become an instructor. Taylor is passionate, brilliant and instrumental in writing and putting together our class schedules and curriculum and teaching our students cutting and coloring techniques while working to ensure they know and understand how important it is to be compliant with state board and able to pass their exam. Taylor is a bright light in our school and our students absolutely LOVE HIM and we are thrilled to have him on our team!

Michelle and her family moved to Edmond after her husband retired from the military. She had her cosmetology license, but had really wanted to teach once her husband retired. She enrolled as a master instructor in September of 2019 and we quickly knew that she would be someone we wanted to add to our team once she graduated. Michelle was born to teach, she literally excels at every aspect of our curriculum, She pours her heart and soul into her classes and her students. We are so honored to have Michelle on staff at AOHD.

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Beverly joined us in July of 2013 with aBachelor Degree in Music Education and a lengthy career in business management and accounting while continuing to help build the legacy of their family business, Quick-Mincey Co. Her many years of experience, attention to detail and work ethic made her the perfect choice for AOHD. Beverly has heart for people and truly loves being a part of our students future and success…they all know they can count on Bev for support and guidance while at the academy.

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Meet Sara!! Sara has had a long career in the beauty industry. She has been a licensed cosmetologist working in the salon for many years, worked in sales for a local beauty supply, and held the admissions position for a cosmetology school as well. She became part of the AOHD family in March of 2021, but it feels like she’s been here forever! She’s a perfect fit for our team and we are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to bring her on staff.

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Zach joined our team in 2019 with an extensive background in retail and merchandising. Zach is responsible for being sure our guests have the best possible experience from the time the call to book and appointment to the time they leave. He also works hand in hand with the administrative team with attendance and overall student and guest experience.He is also the first person the students see every day and the last person to say goodbye. Zach is loved by our guests, students and entire team at AOHD!!

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Lyndsie graduated from AOHD in 2019 and became a stylist at Duncan Bros Salon, Quail Springs. She knew at some point she would want to teach, but wanted some time to work in the salon and develop her skill as a stylist. Her heart was always pulling her back to the school and she is now enrolled in our Master Instructor program. Lyndsie plans to remain on staff after she completes her course and gets her license.

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Kellie graduated from AOHD in 2020 and returned after getting her license to begin our master instructor program. Kellie holds a masters degree and has a background working with DHS, but is an artist at heart! She is one of the most positive and encouraging people you would ever want to meet. She is colorful and creative and is a natural working with the students.

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Kari is a guest artist at AOHD, from Duncan Bros. Salon and works hand in hand with our education team writing our color curriculum and coming in from time to time to teach color theory and or advanced techniques. Kari began her career with Duncan Bros. Salon nearly 2 decades ago. At age 15 she began as an assistant, she was eager to be a part of the team and to learn everything she could about being a successful stylist from her family and mentors she grew up admiring. She graduated from the Academy of Hair Design in 2009, as 2 time Nuts and Bolts Student of the Year and has gone on to earn many other awards every year in the salon. From there she has continued her passion to grow and to invest in the careers of many aspiring hairdressers in the salon andAOHD. There is literally no on more passionate about Goldwell and hair color than Kari and we are grateful for her contribution to our team.

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