9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (2022)

CM Punk, in both his wrestling and post-wrestling life, has accumulated a wealth of friends thanks to his time in the squared circle, many of whom happen to be celebrities. No, not just famous wrestlers, but bonafide mainstream figureheads. Celebs who range from musicians who have their names up in the bright lights to actors with their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He even made some fighter friendsfrom his brief days in the octagon.

He has a tight circle of friends that seems to have only gotten tighter (and smaller) since he left WWE, with the perception being that he cut off some of his wrestler pals after leaving. Now, many of those former pals join a list of celebrity enemies who Punk has accumulated over the years. Which, believe it or not, both lists of friends and enemies are a surprisingly star-studded cast of characters.

17 Out the Circle: The Miz

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (1)

Recently, The Miz joked on WWE Backstage about how he never "changed the culture." Taking it as a shot against him, Punk gave an expletive response in a since-deleted tweetfrom last week. Their beef goes even further than this, as Punk suggested during his own documentary that it sickened him to see The Miz main event WrestleMania and it nearly made him want to quit WWE in 2011.

16 In the Circle: The Rock

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (2)

Ever since first working together leading into their 2013 match, CM Punk and The Rock have grown to share a close-knit bond.While Punk has admitted in multiple interviews how sorrow he was to be booked to lose the WWE Championship to The Rock right before he could defend it at WrestleMania, he holds no grudge towards the Hollywood star and they stillcall each other to catch up.

15 Out the Circle: Colt Cabana

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (3)

This is a bittersweet entry, as Colt Cabana and CM Punk used to be the closest of friends. That all changed when they both got sued by a WWE doctor over allegations Punk made in a 2014 interview on Colt's Art of Wrestling podcast. Animosity grew between Colt and Punk to the point that the Chicagoans sued each other in a lawsuit that only just reached a settlement this past September.

(Video) 10 People In Wrestling That Still Hold A Grudge Against CM Punk

14 In the Circle: Batista

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (4)

In the wake of both of their premature (albeit, very different) exits from the WWE in 2014, Batista and CM Punk befriended each other and have maintained that friendship ever since. So much so that in his post-wrestling life as a comic book artist for Marvel, Punk paid tribute to his buddy by writing a comic book based on his Guardians of the Galaxy character, Drax the Destroyer.

13 Out the Circle: Rob Liefeld

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (5)

Speaking of comic books, Punk bashed Image Comics earlier this year during a Twitter discussion with comedian Mike Lawrence, who compared Image to AEW. Punk tweeted, "So everything is going to be late and most books won’t even come out?" Deadpool creator and Image's co-founder, Rob Liefeld, took offense, tweeting back "No, the late books will come out. Break sales records and create the foundation for a successful company for 27 years now." Sick burn.

12 In the Circle: John Cena

In CM Punk's infamous "shoot" promo from 2011, the Straight Edge Superstar admitted to the world that while he didn't like a lot of people, John Cena was one of the few people he liked from the locker room. Turns out that was true, as the two managed to become friends in real life, which explains why so many of their matches were good. The best of friends make the greatest of enemies onscreen.

11 Out the Circle: Dana White

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (7)
(Video) 6 WWE Wrestlers CM Punk Is Friends With & 8 He HATES (Enemies) in Real life!

While Dana White was more than happy to hire CM Punk as a fighter for the UFC shortly after his WWE exit, he was so appalled by how bad his last fight was that he said both Punk and his opponent, Mike Johnson, would never fight for UFC again. "That's it for his UFC career," White said during the post-fight press conference.

10 In the Circle: Chael Sonnen

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (8)

In 2012, Chael Sonnen wanted CM Punk to walk to the cage with him for his fight on UFC on FOX 2 vs. Michael Bisping. While Vince McMahon nixed that move, Sonnen told Ariel Helwani he wanted it to happen simply because he and Punk were friends and the fight was in his hometown.

9 Out the Circle: Hulk Hogan

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (9)

CM Punk has made it crystal clear in recent years over his disparaging comments that he is neither a fan nor a friend of the legendary Hulk Hogan. Most infamously, after Hogan gave his support of the Tampa Bay Lighting right before a 2015 game against the Chicago Blackhawks, Punk called Hogan "a piece of garbage" in a video for CSN Chicago made in support of his home team.

8 In the Circle: Chris Hardwick

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (10)
(Video) The Rock interrupts CM Punk and vows to become WWE Champion: Raw, Jan. 7, 2013

CM Punk frequently turns up as a guest on talk shows (i.e. Nerdist, Talking Dead, etc.) hosted by Chris Hardwick. The reason being - surprise, surprise - is because both Hardwick and Punk happen to just be great pals who happen to hang out with each other outside of their television work together.

7 Out the Circle: Chris Jericho

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (11)

As a guest onAriel Helwani's MMA Show podcast last October, Chris Jericho was asked point-blank if he and CM Punk were still friends. The AEW Champion admitted that they were not friends "at this moment" and that many of the execs in All Elite Wrestling had their feelings hurt when Punk turned their offer to join them down.

6 In the Circle: Living Colour

Living Colour is the band that performed the classic rock anthem "Cult of Personality," which went on to become CM Punk's theme song in WWE. In getting the song rights, Punk seems to have formed a genuine friendship with the band, as the band members have continued to wish him a happy birthday on Twitter and even tweeted him good luck in his first UFC fight.

5 Out the Circle: Chris Brown

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (13)

Some fans may have forgotten this, but during his WWE Championship run, CM Punk drew the ire of Chris Brown.A Twitter feud between the two sparked by Punk tweeting he wanted Brown to "fight somebody that can defend themselves." Brown retaliated by accusing Punk of taking steroids, to which Punk replied with a video challenging Brown to "put some gloves on and get in the ring."

(Video) CM Punk's Final Days in WWE

4 In the Circle: Chad Gilbert

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (14)

Rock listeners will know Chad Gilbert best as thefounder of New Found Glory before transitioning in a producer role, more recently producing for A Day to Remember. He was also once briefly married to Hayley Williams from Paramore. Not only has he been spotted at hockey games with Punk, but the former wrestler also called Gilbert "one of [his] tallest friends" in a tweet wishing Gilbert a happy birthday.

3 Out the Circle: Triple H

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (15)

CM Punk has always said harsh things about Triple H both in and out of the ring, most infamously referring to Trips as Vince McMahon's "doofus son in law" during his now-infamous 2011 "pipe bomb" promo. In the years since he has yet to reconcile with or apologize to Triple H for the mean things he's said about him. In fact, from the sounds of it, Punk may feel he's owed an apology from Triple H as well.

2 In the Circle: Hayley Williams

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (16)

Speaking of the Paramore lead singer, Punk is friends with her, too. While they don't speak intimately about their friendship in interviews, they have taken plenty of pics for social media, including a memorable photobomb of Punk at Williams' wedding a few years back. The fact he even went to her wedding shows how close they are.

1 Out the Circle: Vince McMahon

9 People Part Of CM Punk's Inner Circle (And 8 Who Can't Stand Him) (17)
(Video) John Cena and CM Punk's Undisputed Championship Match Contract Signing

As much as CM Punk was harsh to Triple H, he was always even harsher to Vince McMahon. Although, more recently in a Collider interview, while admitting he hasn't spoken to either Trips or Vince since he left in 2014, he says he forgives them for the wrong he feels they caused him (although, he also admits that he doesn't forget, and it'll be a long time before he accepts a conversation with either man.

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What was CM Punk's problem with WWE? ›

In 2014, CM Punk left the WWE due to burnout and a loss of passion, among other reasons. He also cited feeling creatively stifled and dealing with medical issues, among a plethora of other factors, which he discussed on a podcast after he left the company.

What was CM Punk's group called? ›

Early career and IWA Mid-South (1999–2005)

He had his debut match on March 13, 1999. He first started using the ring name CM Punk when he was put into a tag team named The Chick Magnets with CM Venom after another performer skipped out on the card; the CM stood for "Chick Magnet".

What is CM Punk's current injury? ›

Punk himself commented on his road to recovery during the AEW panel, describing his foot as "feeling on fire every day" and that it had led to his calf shutting down. He also referred to the injury as "sh*tty" and "frustrating." "It's healing, it's not healed. That's a quote from my surgeon," Punk said.

What was CM Punk's best match? ›

1. Punk vs. John Cena (Money in the Bank 2011)

What was CM Punk's pipe bomb? ›

CM Punk's 'Pipe Bomb' 10 Years Later: A Look Back At The 2011 Game-Changing Promo. On a seemingly ordinary night in June 2011, one man sat alone on the Monday Night Raw stage and forever changed the sport of professional wrestling by delivering a six-minute promo laying out all his issues with WWE and its superstars.

Who does CM Punk have kids with? ›

CM Punk married fellow wrestler April Mendez, also known as AJ Lee, on June 13, 2014. They have been happily married ever since and they do not have children.

How old is Kenny Omega? ›

How old is Wardlow? ›

How long is CM Punk out for injury? ›

While 12 weeks might be a quick recovery period for a surgically repaired leg if Punk had to wrestle, there's no reason he couldn't hit the entrance ramp moments after a “Cult of Personality” needle drop while the 10,000 or so fans assembled in Chicago collectively lose their minds.

What is CM Punk's Twitter? ›

Follow CM Punk's (@TeamCMPunk) latest Tweets / Twitter. FANPAGE. Always believe.

Who is the current AEW champion 2022? ›

CM Punk won the AEW World Championship on May 29, 2022 at the annual AEW Double Or Nothing Pay-Per-View in Las Vegas, NV at the T-Mobile Arena.

What is the best WWE match of all time? ›

10 Best Matches In WWE History
  1. Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, WrestleMania 13.
  2. Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs. Johnny Gargano, NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia. ...
  3. Ilja Dragunov vs. WALTER, NXT UK, 29th October 2020. ...
  4. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker, WrestleMania 25. ...
  5. CM Punk vs. ...
  6. WALTER vs. ...
  7. The Revival vs. ...
  8. Edge & Christian vs. ...
Jun 30, 2022

Does John Cena have a 5 star match? ›

1 John Cena Vs CM Punk - Money In The Bank (2011) - Rating: 5 Stars.

Does CM Punk have a 5 star match? ›

Punk II receiving a five-star rating by Dave Meltzer. Seven years later in 2011, CM Punk received another five-star rating. This time, the match was with John Cena at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. This was CM Punk's second five-star match of the decade, which can only account for a total of 10.

Who did Paige marry? ›

She was engaged to A Day to Remember guitarist Kevin Skaff in early 2016 before they split up. In October 2016, Bevis became engaged to fellow wrestler Alberto Del Rio. They ended their relationship in late 2017. Since late 2018, she has been in a relationship with Falling in Reverse lead singer Ronnie Radke.

When did CM Punk cut the pipe bomb? ›

It was on June 27, 2011 when CM Punk delivered one of the most memorable promos in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. It has come to be known as the “Pipebomb” promo and while he did many other great promos in his career, that's the one that people will associate with him the most.

Why did CM Punk drop the pipebomb? ›

The pipebomb was dropped after the main event of an episode of Raw which aired live from Las Vegas -- a fitting location considering the gamble the company was about to take. WWE Champion John Cena had just been defeated by R-Truth in a non-title Tables Match after CM Punk interfered.

Was the CM Punk pipe bomb scripted? ›

CM Punk has explained how much of his famous WWE 'pipe bomb' was improvised, revealing a request Vince McMahon made for the promo. Speaking with SPORT1 Wrestling, Punk noted that he created an outline of the promo for McMahon ahead of the June 27, 2011 episode of Raw.

What is the age of edge? ›

How old is Dean Ambrose? ›

Dean Ambrose
BornDecember 7, 1985 Cincinnati, Ohio, America
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s)Dean Ambrose Jon Moxley
Billed height188 cm
4 more rows

Why was Kenny called the cleaner? ›

Behind the scenes, Omega was told that his otaku gimmick was "too bubbly" for Bullet Club, which led to him adopting the Cleaner nickname, which was intended to be a reference to people who clean up crime scenes.

What is Kenny Omega signature? ›

Finishing moves

Golden Shower (Simultaneous 450 splashes from the same turnbuckle) Golden-Trigger (Simultaneous wrist-locks into knee strikes) Cross Slash (simultaneous Golden Triangles)

What 4 belts does Kenny Omega have? ›

Kenny Omega successfully defeated Sami Callihan at IMPACT Wrestling's Slammiversary which means the AEW still holds four world titles - the IMPACT World title, the old TNA World Title, the AAA World Title, and, of course, the AEW World Title.

Was CM Punk in a tag team? ›

CM Punk is most famous for his legendary singles career, but he first started off as a tag team wrestler.

Why does CM Punk have a Pepsi tattoo? ›

The Pepsi Logo near CM Punk's left shoulder is probably his most famous tattoo. Whenever he is asked about the reason behind this tattoo, he just says that he likes Pepsi. The tattoo also puts more emphasis on his Straight Edge beliefs. Some people who consume alcohol often tattoo a beer brand on their bodies.

Who did CM Punk lose the WWE Championship to? ›

CM Punk's 434 day reign as WWE Champion ended at the Royal Rumble at the hands of The Rock last night.

How many UFC fights has CM Punk had? ›

CM Punk Record: 0-1-0 (1 NC)
ncCM Punk Mike Jackson19 64
lossCM Punk Mickey Gall0 20
1 more row


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