What is the cream used for cavitation treatment?

Cavitation promotes the destruction of tissue in that part by irradiating ultrasonic waves to the part where fat or adipose tissue has hardened. The basic mechanism is that the pressure generated by ultrasonic waves in cavitation equipment has the function of melting fat, and the destroyed tissue is excreted through metabolism.
Currently, ultrasonic waves with different frequencies and special light beams with different wavelengths are used in combination, and a wide variety of techniques have been added as slimming methods, and various improvements have been made to increase the treatment effect. . In addition, cavitation ultrasonic waves can now reach the deepest layers of the body, making it possible to remove fat accumulated in deep layers, which was previously difficult.
However, when receiving this slimming care, not only the content of the treatment but also the post-treatment treatment is an important factor. Nowadays, special equipment and creams are often used for post-operative care, and improvements are being made so that lymphatic flow and metabolic function can be promoted well, and fat can be removed quickly. .
Cavitation technology has advanced dramatically, and it has become possible to control the effect well by changing the frequency and wavelength length. It is also a feature that the troubles such as pain are greatly reduced.
Among them, the massage after the treatment greatly improves the slimming effect.

Vascular safety of cavitation

Cells destroyed by cavitation are considered an important factor in postoperative treatment in order to reduce the size of the treated area. Therefore, in addition to massage techniques, it is important to promote the metabolism so that the fat can be discharged well, such as the cream of the treatment agent, which plays a major role.

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By adding a massage that promotes metabolism, the fat in the treated area is reduced in a short period of time, so partial size reduction is possible.

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Some beauty salons actively offer massages to promote the flow of lymph nodes, and after cavitation treatments are performed, massages are given from the upper body to the ankles to evenly promote metabolism. In particular, for areas where fat tends to accumulate, such as the groin and thighs, massage methods and creams specialized for these areas are used, and the treatment is highly evaluated for promoting metabolism and promoting fat discharge. is.
When receiving cavitation treatment, the performance of the equipment used tends to be emphasized, but items such as massage methods and treatment agents are essential points to promote fat removal.

What are the health hazards of cavitation?

Cavitation has become popular as a treatment that is highly effective, has little burden on the body, and is highly safe.
However, it does not mean that it will not affect your health at all.
Poor physical condition, brittle bones, uterus, skin, blood

What are the health hazards of cavitation?

Cavitation has become popular as a treatment that is highly effective, has little burden on the body, and is highly safe.
However, it does not mean that it will not affect your health at all.
If you are unwell, have fragile bones, have uterine, skin, or blood vessel disease, or are unsure about your physical condition or health, you cannot receive the treatment.
In addition, even healthy people can be affected by the procedure.
It is the liver that can be affected by cavitation.
Fat emulsified by cavitation treatment is once collected in the liver, decomposed in the liver, and then discharged out of the body.
After surgery, more fat than usual will flow into the liver at once.

Principle of cavitation

Therefore, after surgery, the liver will be overloaded.
In addition to breaking down fat, the liver performs various functions such as converting alcohol and various harmful substances into harmless substances, making bile that aids digestion and absorption, and converting nutrients into substances that are easily absorbed by the body. I’m here.
Therefore, you will continue to work every day.
Such a state in which a lot of fat temporarily flows into such a liver becomes a heavy burden.
If you want to reduce this burden, it is recommended that you refrain from alcohol, tobacco, etc. before and after the treatment.
That alone can reduce the burden on the liver.
However, it is unlikely that it will actually have a significant impact on your health.
It will temporarily put a heavy load on the liver, but the treatment will be performed at intervals, such as once every two weeks.
Therefore, it is not a continuous load.
Therefore, instead of thinking that the burden on the liver will increase and the possibility of health damage will occur, it is better to be aware that the burden on the liver will be higher than usual.
And it is better to think about how to eat after the treatment.
Immediately after the treatment, the body is in a state where it wants to absorb a lot of energy because it has lost a lot of fat.
If you eat a solid meal at this time, you will be in a state where you can absorb more energy than usual.
Even if it is difficult for fat to accumulate in the area where the treatment was performed, it is possible that fat will accumulate more easily in other areas than usual.
Therefore, after the treatment, it is important to take care of the content and eat after leaving it for a while.